Month 12 / Book Club 12 : Photo Helps

Thanks to Melissa for providing these photo helps again! This completes your 2016-2017 Kinship Quilter’s Book Club 12 blocks for the 2016-2017 quilt-along group. Join us again on Facebook at our Kinship Quilter’s online group and explore our New 2017-2018 Quilt-Alongs!

You should have these blocks completed for the year , all 100! :


Club 11 / Gypsy BOM / Month 1 Helps

Welcome to our latest modern block of the month for Kinship Quilters, featuring the Gypsy Pattern and Kaffe Fassett shot cottons in Options A & B , and mixed with prints by Kaffe FassettBrandon Mably, and Philip Jacobs in Option C. If you still need to sign up and register, visit this etsy link now and do so, and your kit will soon be shipped.

The pattern booklet provided for you in this club is very good and very comprehensive , complete with color photos and labels as you cut. As the author indicates, it’s very important to label those pieces as you go along. Our group tester is Elaine Stevens, an original Kinship Quilters Facebook Quilt-Along group member and a Top Tester for group founder and moderator, Deanna Nagle. As members, you may tag Elaine if you at any point get stuck and need assistance within our collective Facebook group. She or Deanna will be happy to assist you as soon as they are able. Also, Trish Lopez will be joining us in the spring as a tester.

Block One for this group this month, is lengthly and the largest one we will sew for the quilt project. Using your printed pattern booklet, labels, and full color photos, these pictures as posted below should serve to bridge any “gap” should you have questions as you pursue your steps. Thank you to Elaine Stevens for her testing in all 3 colorways on this.