Blocks 8-10 with Bonus Blocks / Club 11 Gypsy BOM / Photo Helps

Thank you to Elaine Stevens for providing these tutorials for us for our Club 11 / Gypsy Block of the Month Quilt-Along! Visit more on our Kinship Quilter’s Facebook Page for more details 🙂 This is for months 8, 9, & 10 as shown below, following the printed pattern, as received by subscribing participants.screen-shot-2017-01-05-at-10-08-03-amscreen-shot-2017-01-05-at-10-07-47-am

Month 12 / Book Club 12 : Photo Helps

Thanks to Melissa for providing these photo helps again! This completes your 2016-2017 Kinship Quilter’s Book Club 12 blocks for the 2016-2017 quilt-along group. Join us again on Facebook at our Kinship Quilter’s online group and explore our New 2017-2018 Quilt-Alongs!

You should have these blocks completed for the year , all 100! :


Club 11 / Month 7 / Gypsy BOM : Photo Helps

Thank you to Elaine Stevens, Kinship Quilter’s Top Tester & Club 11 Group Leader, for providing these tutorial photo helps for us. This is Month 7 & Month 7’s Bonus Block, as referred to on page 7 of your hard copy pattern , as provided, in the 3 colorway options available. 🙂

Month 10 / Book Club Help Photos

Thank you to Melissa Martin for completing these blocks and providing these photos for our Kinship Quilters Book Club Quilt-Along Group on Facebook. If you’d like to join, email Deanna Nagle at Or, simply purchase via this link.

Month 9 / Book Club 12 Helps

Below are the photos for your Month 9 Kinship Quilters Book Club Sew-Along! Thank you to Melissa Martin for providing these for us.

Club 5 / Months 1-12

Welcome to  the Kinship Quilters Scrappy PB&J Club 5 , 12-month Quilt Along Club as one of our many options in our Online Facebook Quilt-Along Group.

This pattern will teach you some great speed-piecing skills using 2.5″ strips and other strip widths, but strip-piecing is a must-know for any quilter. This project has a unique approach and the blocks are scattered somewhat on-point making it a quick project but one where it will expose you to a good variety of quilting basics and terms. This group is excellent for beginners and pros alike and fabulous for stash-busting.

2 Colorway Options are available : Berry or Modern Nature. Both groups were tested by our group leader, Melissa Martin, and group overseer, Deanna Nagle. As a member of our Facebook Group, feel free to tag either of them at any time should you get stuck or have a question along our 12 month journey.

This pattern is very well-written and contains many color photos in the .pdf file that you were sent. You will master this block by year end as we will make 2 each month. Below are some examples of both colorway options and single blocks that Melissa Martin sewed this winter, with the completed top (shown in the Free Spirit Fabrics Berry mix Option A)

For purposes of block-making, you will be referring to mostly JUST STEP 2 on pages 2-3 of your provided .pdf pattern for MUCH of this club. Each month you will complete 2 blocks using the materials provided. Goals are to provide mastery in one block using strips in a non-traditional method. Enjoy!

Melissa Martin, our main group leader in the Book Club is also an original and veteran member and master quilter with a passion for her craft.

Here’s Melissa’s bio on herself as related to quilting and this group, in her own words: “I’m 36, and live in Rush City, Minnesota. I have 3 kids (6 with my fiancé and I together lol). I have been quilting for 3 years. Last year was my first time participating in a BOM group at all! It was fun and exciting to see what was coming each month, and I loved the end results!”melissa martin headshot