Disappearing 4 Patch Tutorial Video for use in Months 1-12

Welcome to the 2016-2017 quilting fun! Kinship Quilters is on a new mission this year after many successful projects in 2015. Once again, we will create one-of-a-kind designs using Kaffe Fassett fabric in this group. You are going to love this simple variation on the standard 4-Patch block, the using 5″ charm squares, provided in your monthly quilt kit. Here’s a wonderful how-to video tutorial by Missouri Star!

Please understand that this quilt block technique has many names including the 4-to-9 Patch quilt block. This is not referring to a “traditional” 9 patch as we quilters are accustomed to seeing, though. Instead, this refers to the block being cut in 9 new pieces. Enjoy.

Once you get the hang of this, feel free to mix, match, rotate and turn your pieces as you wish. There are other variations that introduce cutting some pieces into triangles and taking the creativity a few steps further. Some of these techniques may be seen here, but be careful and make sure you’ve got down the basics of the above video FIRST, before trying.

For a more extreme challenge, try this if you feel especially adventurous !

Your leaders in this group are Deanna Nagle & Ruth Bass. At any point, Kinship Quilters members may contact and tag them with questions in our online Kinship Quilters Facebook Group. These ladies have tested the pattern with our Kaffe Fassett fabric charms and have experience completing these blocks.

Seen below are some examples of Ruth Bass’s experiments, the tester member for this club. Ruth is an original and veteran Kinship Quilters Facebook Group member from San Antonio, TX. Thanks Ruth!   If you wish to purchase more fabric , contact Deanna Nagle at quiltedoncloud9@icloud.com or through her Kinship Quilter’s Etsy store Kinship Quilter’s Etsy store.