Month 8 / Club 10 / HST Half-Square Triangles Block-0f-the-Month Photo Helps

This month we will use the alternative method of creating half-square triangles for our Kinship Quilters HST Block-of-the-Month Sew Along Group. Thanks to our group leader, Chiquita Wylie, for sewing these tutorial photos. She is using option 10B, in the Berry Sunday colorway. This is called the “Hourglass” block.

Month 7 / HST / Half-Square Triangle Block-of-the-Month Help Photos:

This month we will create block 7 using the traditional method. This is for the Kinship Quilters Block-Of-the-Month Virtual Sew-Along. Thank you to Chiquita Wylie for sewing these sample blocks and these tutorial photos. She’s using the Option B colorway of Berry Sundae.

Month 7 Rainbow Checks Club 2 Photos:

Here are the monthly helps and completed quilt block photos for month 7 of the Kinship Quilters Rainbow Checks Club 2 / Monthly Sew-Along Group. Thank you to Selma Hawk for creating these for us. If you’d like to join, click on the link provided here. 🙂

Month 8 Monthly Helps : Book Club 12

Her are the photos for Month 8 helps in creating your blocks for the Kinship Quilters Monthly Book Club (12) Virtual Sew-Along Group. If you want to join or to request more information, contact Deanna Nagle at Thank you to Melissa Martin for sewing these samples on our behalf, love this book!


Month 7 Monthly Helps : Book Club 12

Hi, here are the monthly helps for the Kinship Quilters Club 12 / Book Club Sew-Along Group. Thank you to Melissa Martin for sewing these on our behalf!