Club 4, Spotty / Months 2,4,6,8, &10 Instructions:

In Months 1,3,5,7,9,&11 we will create 5 blocks with solid borders. In months 2,4,6,8, &10, you will follow the directions provided in your pdf pattern to cut your charm squares in half and complete just one row of horizontal sashing, no blocks. You should have some peices left over and keep them! You will need them in month 12! Your top sashing row, depending upon your charms, will complete something like this, as will other sashing rows as we continue to move along. Please see your pdf pattern , recieved in month 1 for detailed instruction.

club 4 month 2

Thank you to Melisssa Martin for her submission of this photo and pattern testing as a leader in our Kinship Quilters Monthly Sew-Along Facebook Group.

Wanna Join? Contact Deanna Nagle at or prepay and register by clicking HERE.

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