Months 1-12 : Chinese Coins & Log Cabins

Hi, welcome to this great beginner’s club from Kinship Quilters hosted by our veteran quilter and original “kinshipper” Pat Deck. Pat is a blast and super knowledgeable. Prepare for a superb experience as you master 2 classic quilt blocks that are a must-know for any beginner or experienced quilter. These are legendary. You will create (4) blocks each month, two of each style, using the fabrics provided in your kit.

ONE RULE OF THUMB BEFORE YOU SEW YOUR KIT FABRICS : “square off” your pre-cut pieces to exact pattern sizes for the blocks you are using (Log Cabin, really a Courthouse Steps style block and / or the Chinese Coin). Measure twice , cut once.

Here’s Pat’s Tutorial for you this month as we explore this club in two colorways. Option A / Kaffe Fassett Collective Designers Prints (includes any prints by Kaffe Fassett, Philip Jacobs, or Brandon Mably — not KFC Collective Prints, just any prints by those designers) and Option B of Modern Nature featuring an array of Free Spirit fabric designers in a unisex / modern / nature-themed palette. The latter group is being tested by Mary Beth Kochie in the coming months along with Deanna Nagle, Kinship Quilters Facebook Group moderator and founder.

With no further delay, here’s your monthly “Post from Pat” as seen by clicking on the link below:

Log Cabins and Chinese Coins

And here’s a bio below on your super awesome group host, Pat Deck…enjoy and happy quilting! :

Pat Deck Bio

If you haven’t joined us yet, please consider by clicking here for more information in our etsy shop page on this club offering.

And for your first tutorial, additional photos have been provided below by Deanna Nagle showing blocks in both Colorway Options and steps along the way, pressing fabrics towards the dark. :



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