Club 10 : Half Square Triangles Month 1

Hi! Welcome to our Kinship Quilters monthly quilt-along for Club 10 : Half Square Triangles in 2 Methods. This is a Block of the Month group and we will feature 2 ways to sew half square triangles to make a new quilt block each month using a Jenni Baker published pattern. If you are not signed up and would like to join, you can do so here. Our Kinship Quilters Facebook Group is on it’s second year of projects. This is suitable for a new beginner to intermediate / advanced quilter.

Leaders in this group are Deanna Nagle, group moderator and testers / veteran members Jennie Peers-Barton and Chiquita Wylie. At any point, if you as a member get stuck, just visit our “hub”, the Kinship Quilters Facebook Group and tag any of these ladies with your question and someone will be happy to help as all 3 are testing the pattern ahead of you each month. We have 2 colorway kit options : A/Split Pea Stew & B/Berry Sundae.

Chiquita Wylie tested our Month 1 kit in the Berry Sundae Colorway / Option B and has provided these photos for your tutorial assistance in conjuction with your printed pattern as provided via mail.

Month 1 uses the TRADITIONAL METHOD of piecing Half-Square Triangle quilt blocks as seen in the photos below. Please note that Option A / Split Pea Stew Colorway blocks will host the Sludge “Paperweight” Kaffe Fassett fabric in the center diamond of the block, while the 4 corners will have the Leafy “Roman Glass”Kaffe Fassett print. While the star points will use the teal/aquamarine shot cotton woven as provided. See these tutorial photos following. 🙂

The below photos represent the Option A Colorway of Split Pea Stew, and were sewn by Jennie Barton.

Chiquita Wylie is an experienced quilter and when I asked her to share a little about herself, here is what she wrote:

“When you choose to live your life around positive people there is no better group to be a part of than Quilters! I was lucky to be born into that group and have enjoyed quilting most of my life. I love all colors and styles. Color, color, color is life to me. Quilters are the BEST! Quilt on fellow quilters!”


Jennie Barton is also an experienced quilter who juggles much like the rest of us. As she puts it: “You can sum up my world in two words. Girl Scouts. It’s my passion. Quilting is my sanity and my escape from it all. When I’m not camping with my girls you can find me at my sewing machine.”

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